Troubleshoot Windows 10 using its own tools…

Notes for my talk on this topic are now available online:

Microsoft provides several new tools for troubleshooting Windows 10. As is often the case, they haven’t made it easy for the ordinary user to find all of them. One purpose of these notes is to point out where to find them and other tools. The other is to suggest how to use them.

I’ve used a scale {1-10} to indicate the difficulty of troubleshooting using the various tools available. {1} indicates that a casual user should succeed. Only a computer forensics expert would succeed in situations that rank {10} on the scale. For those who know me, you can gauge the range further by knowing I’d rate myself at {7 or 8}.

Some Windows 10 tools have moved a bit from their legacy locations, and more will move to the new “Settings” utility in the future. That’s the first place to look if you can’t find them when you need them. Cortana can also help — if you can think of the right search terms. Those notes can help with that too.