A fresh look at personal computing

Notes for my talk  — A fresh look at personal computing — are available online as an active list. It’s a “live” web page, and I may update it from time to time.


When you open that web page you’ll see some expandable/zoomable bullets (gray halos). Hover your mouse pointer just to the left of one of those and click the “+” to expand it. Hover again and click the “-” to collapse it.

Or, click the bullet itself and you will zoom in. All the other bullets will be hidden. Click one of the bullet titles in the breadcrumbs string (very top of the window) to un-zoom to any higher level bullet you want to go back to.

You may see an offer in the lower-right corner to get a WorkFlowy account for yourself. If not go to https://workflowy.com/ if you are interested. Once you’re signed in you can import this list to your own WorkFlowy web app page.

Just click https://workflowy.com/s/CRXp.c3QhcdVPWd again. It should open a new tab/window with the list inserted. You can make a duplicate of it by hovering your mouse pointer over the bullet until the context menu shows. You can then edit, add, or remove content from the copy.

The notes link for A fresh look at personal computing will also be provided in a CyberCoyote mailing list message.

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BIOS, UEFI, Boot, Recovery… Oh bother.

George talked a bit in the meeting today about booting from a USB Recovery Drive.  I recently stumbled across an article that covers how to boot from a recovery drive.  It’s especially valuable for its coverage of handling the process for newer computers that use UEFI. That’s something that (fortunately) I have no experience with.

The article —  BIOS/UEFI Setup Guide: Boot from a CD, DVD, USB Drive or SD Card  explains things clearly, and provides important information on booting computers from different makers. You might want to look it over before the meeting next week.