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Near the end of the 2014-2015 season, I announced I was shuttering CyberCoyote. There was no longer much reason for me to try to maintain a comprehensive computing and security website.

I still own the domain, though. I’ll be using it (and the linked mailing list) from time-to-time to post things that I think have general interest. This may be one of those times.


Maybe you’re thinking about a new computer and are hoping Santa will bring one for you. If he doesn’t, or if you want one now, you may find “The cheapskate’s guide to buying a new PC or Mac” by Ed Bott useful.

One thing Bott does is assume his audience knows the best places to look for new computers. I thought I’d augment his article with some specific suggestions along that line.

Most retail sellers have an online presence that is useful as a starting point. Best Buy, Costco, Fry’s Electronics and Office Depot/OfficeMax come to mind. Or you can just drop by the store once in a while.

I recently scored a bargain on a nice Dell notebook at the Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store offers PCs, notebooks and tablets from all the major suppliers. Computers you buy there offer a big advantage: Microsoft does not allow any crapware or trialware installed on them.

There are tons of third-party device sellers online. NewEgg and Amazon are two I use and trust.

Happy hunting.

4 thoughts on “Buying a new computer”

  1. Regarding Fry’s: Last year I discovered that giving Fry’s your email address by signing up for their bargains gets you two things; First, it gives you a weekend and a weekly code you can use to score a discount beyond their advertised cost – ON CERTAIN ITEMS. Second, it gets you a new email “best buddy”. The delete key solves that spam problem. The prices can be attractive. AND, you can put the sales items on hold at the store – avoiding driving over there and finding things sold out. I recently bought a $99 32″ LCD-TV (Avero) and a $120 480GB Toshiba SSD. They notified me when the items had been picked off the shelves and were ready for pickup at the checkout registers. One other observation: The adverts clearly indicate which items are new and which are refurbished, but stay sharp.

    1. I know my previous post was positive for Fry’s – BUT – I do not have any financial tie-ins to them.

  2. Phil, when you were giving regular classes I enjoyed them so much. Thank you. Just bought ASUS TP501UQ 2in1 laptop. I like using two laptops side by side. Setting the ASUS up in Flex mode next to my Lonovo W520 works perfectly especially with touch screen. I also build all of my desktops. So much fun! Hope to see more posts from you in the furture.

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