Near the end of the 2014-2015 snowbird season, I announced I was shuttering CyberCoyote. I  long realized there were hundreds of high-quality websites covering topics we were interested in.

While a local source, in the sense of local news, might be easier for club members to relate to, I was losing motivation for maintaining a high-quality website. It had been fun. Cybercoyote.org had a considerable world-wide following. But I was mentally done with that pursuit.

Obviously, I still own the cybercoyote.org domain. Once in a while I get an urge to write a series of articles on topics that are critical for cybernauts to know about but where all that is accessible online could be called  “junk-news” {pun intended}. WiFi router security is an example. There is an excellent website devoted to that topic, but it is too expansive for.  A series of summary articles would be more useful for most mortals. Maybe someday…