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Overview -- Developing Your Own Online Defense
A piecemeal approach to online security will never be effective. The process that I've documented in this Online Security section should help you put a defense in place by following a structured approach. The first step is to pick a plan that you will be able to see through to the end.
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Set up an online defense that fits your situation

Follow the five steps below to build an online security system that suits you and your situation. Take the steps one at a time.

Come back here to get your bearings between steps. The map below will help you navigate as you proceed. The Online Security Perspective will help you set priorities.

  1. Pick the multi-layer defense plan that fits your needs, skills and patience.
  2. Implement the plan you pick. Don't be in a rush -- take it one element at a time.
  3. Test your defenses after you get your plan in place.
  4. Keep your defenses up to date. New viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware appear on the Internet every day.
  5. Learn about and remain wary of deception and deceit out there in the Wild Wooly Web.

Note:Good browsing skills will make it much easier to access the content in this "Security" section. The "Open in New Window" trick is one of the most useful. Give it a try.

Map of the Security and Privacy Section

"Protecting your computer (and your network, if you have one) requires a little bit of education, a little bit of persistence, and the willingness to take charge of your own computer's security." -- Ed Bott
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