Talk Notes

Using WorkFlowy notes

The notes are the form of a “responsive” outline. There are a few key secrets to navigating through them.

Some bullets are expandable (gray halos). Hover your mouse pointer to the left of an expandable one. A “+” will appear. Click the “+” to expand the bullet. Hover again and click the “-” to collapse the bullet.

You can zoom in on expandable bullets instead. Just click the bullet itself. Surrounding bullets will be hidden to clear the clutter. When you are done, click one of the bullet titles in the breadcrumbs string (up at the top of the window) to un-zoom. That will take you to any higher level context you want to go back to.

Many bullets will have attached notes. Only the first line of the note will appear below the bullet text. Click on that line to expand the note.

There is a search box at the top of the page. Search results are presented in highlighted excerpts from the full notes. Clear the search box (click the “X”) to return to the full notes.

Your own WorkFlowy account

You may see an offer in the lower-right corner to get a WorkFlowy account for yourself. If not go to if you are interested. Once you’re signed in you can import any shared list (shared notes) at to your own WorkFlowy web app page.

Once you have an account, just click the link to any shared list. It should open a new browser tab/window with the list inserted in your own WorkFlowy page. You can make a duplicate of it by hovering your mouse pointer over the bullet until the context menu shows. You can then edit, add, or remove content from the copy.

If you want to, you can make a duplicate of any shared list. Hover your mouse pointer over the bullet until the context menu shows until the context menu appears. Then you can edit, add, or remove content from the copy.

Shared lists do not count against your monthly WorkFlowy content limit. Duplicated ones do.

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