CyberCoyote is shuttered.

I started CyberCoyote at the turn of the century. 😀 The rational then was to create an online resource for Happy Trails Computer Club members. Life was simple in those days. Windows PCs were just about the only topic of interest for club members.

In 2015, HTCC members use iPads, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, etc., etc. Hundreds of high-quality websites now cover this growing menagerie of computing. Little reason or motivation remains for me to continue adding to the cacophony of the Internet.

So I have shuttering CyberCoyote. I will still use the domain to publish topical club-related information. The content and links will continue to work, and I will occasionally update some topics, primarily online security. I will no longer maintain CyberCoyote as an active blog, and it will probably go dark some day.