CyberCoyote — January 23, 2015

OneNote, plus Evernote

The notebooks for my talk on OneNote and Evernote are now online. [help]

Windows 10

This is an experiment: I’m starting to build a notebook for my upcoming Windows 10 talk (Feb 26). You can take a look at it any time. It’s very rough now, but it will be taking shape soon. I’ll announce when there is more to look at, so you might want to wait until then. If you want me to include something you don’t see there let me know.
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CyberCoyote — January 16, 2015

Getting organized

The notes for my impromptu talk yesterday on the tools I use for computing and internet content are now online, with links added. [Evernote version]

My talk next week will be about OneNote, with comments about Evernote. The features of these apps/programs have evolved to the point where they can encompass the bulk of many users daily computing and internet workflow, as well as simply organize information. [Apps for OneNote]

Backup terms

We’ve talked quite a bit about backup this season. I generally use incremental backup for personal files, but I still find it hard awkward to explain just what backup terms like that mean. Joe Notenboom wrote about those terms in unusually simple English. He also wrote “Why do People Create Free Software?“, which is equally straightforward. You can sign up for his newsletter if you like the way he writes.

Uncommon sense

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” ~Winston Churchill

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CyberCoyote — December 15, 2014


It’s been a few days, but maybe you still remember that I talked about email at the meeting last week. ;) The main topics were:

1. Is this the next step in email?
2. Privacy and Security
3. Manage your email
4. How to back up your email

The next step in email is currently unfolding. Users are shifting from PCs to mobile devices for most of their email processing. That will probably lead to some real innovation in digital messaging. The result may or may not resemble email as we know it in the long run.

Privacy and security are growing in importance. Attackers are becoming more expert in attacking users, and users are barely keeping up in their defenses.

Not everyone needs to back up their email of course. But it’s very important for many of us. If you ever wished you could find or retrieve some critical email, you’ll probably want to get your email archiving up to snuff.

You can review these email topics, and follow up on them by using the resources I’ve linked to in the notes for the talk. You’ll find them indexed on the Topics page for this season at


I find it interesting to track what the Arizona Department of Transportation is doing in our local area. Have you zoomed down to I-10 on Loop 303 yet? They just sent out a nice little update on the next steps on 303 that you might be interested in.

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