CyberCoyote — February 9, 2015

The background material for the topics last week are now online.

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CyberCoyote — January 30, 2015

Browsers and more

We had a browser fest at our meeting yesterday. George addressed the question, “What is the best browser?” Tom Wells and Richard Hodges showed us the Chrome browser and how they use it, and I talked about Firefox add-ons.

The background information on browsers is coming together. There is already a link there on what I covered. I’ll notify you when the rest of it is there. Update: Links to all info are there now under Recent Topics.

Bargains and more

Everybody likes a bargain. has bargain pricing. But there are many other non-obvious and hard-to-discover ways to save significant amounts of money at Amazon. BuzzFeed has “20 Secret Tips Everyone Who Shops On Amazon Needs To Know“.

Yes, has great prices, but for me the best thing about Amazon is being able to find just what I want without running all over town. For example, there just aren’t hardware stores like there used to be. Maybe you can find what you’re looking for at Lowes. Ace or True Value might have it. But Amazon is most likely to show you what you’re looking for, along with alternatives you didn’t know about.

For example, I was looking for a gate latch. I wanted something better than what I had. You can’t imagine how many gate latches Amazon has to look at. It turned out that there was nothing better in the known world than what I already had. Think how much time I could have wasted looking for something better at all my usual haunts.

Uncommon sense

“Aging is a process of losing dignity through repetition of increasingly trivial things. First you repeat your ideas. Then you repeat your mistakes. Then you repeat your aphorisms. Finally, you repeat your jokes.” ~Venkatesh Raoz

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CyberCoyote — January 23, 2015

OneNote, plus Evernote

The notebooks for my talk on OneNote and Evernote are now online. [help]

Windows 10

This is an experiment: I’m starting to build a notebook for my upcoming Windows 10 talk (Feb 26). You can take a look at it any time. It’s very rough now, but it will be taking shape soon. I’ll announce when there is more to look at, so you might want to wait until then. If you want me to include something you don’t see there let me know.
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