CyberCoyote — March 15, 2012

Security risks on the Internet, and avast!

Norbert (Bob) Gostischa gave us a nice overview of the ways the bad guys make a living (sometimes a fortune) by attacking surfers on the Web. He also discussed the free avast! security suite. Avast! has always been a good security solution, and they have recently added real-time signature updates and file reputation detection. They also offer an avast! mobile security app for Android smartphones.

File reputation detection is a powerful new way to intercept malicious files by checking them against a whitelist/blacklist database. If the file is bad, or not known to be good it is blocked until the user makes a decision about proceeding (or not).

By coincidence, Brian Krebs reported on a little kerfuffle with one form of avast! support earlier in the day. Avast! offers both a great support forum and telephone support, which is also free. Avast! has terminated their arrangement with iYogi, who has an interesting business model, but which is unfortunately vulnerable to conflict of interest.

Update: Ciprian Adrian Rusen at 7tutorials recently installed and reviewed avast!.

Next week

We’re going to have a presentation on iPads and iPhones aimed at new or potential users. I am really looking forward to this one.

That’s it for today

This post is short because I didn’t know the “stress test” I took before the meeting was going to affect me the way it did. I took the test to keep my cardiologist happy. You know how that is. I don’t expect any practical benefit from the procedure. There’s nothing to fix beyond what my current medication has controlled very nicely for ten years.

The test produces an image of total heart blood flow. It involves getting on a treadmill and raising your pulse rate up to 120 for a few minutes and then capturing an image with an expensive machine.

My medication suppresses my heart rate, so it takes much more effort to get it up to 120 than it would otherwise. I found it very hard. As a result, I was too wiped out to do much for the rest of the day. So I’ll invite you to view the following video if you feel shortchanged. Open-mouthed smile


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