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Meetings this season

George presented the plan for the bulk of our program this season. It will be “big-picture” in scope, and less focused on detailed demonstrations. However, follow-up technical sessions will be arranged when there’s enough interest. The emphasis will be on expanding and extending our exposure to emerging technologies. The rough outline of our program is online.

Computer Kindergarten

Mary Ann is starting a new Computer Kindergarten series next week. The first of five sessions will be on Thursday, November 12 in the Chaparral Room, 9AM to 11AM, and the rest on subsequent Thursdays. The cost is $10 for the series.

Photography SIG

Our Photo SIG meets on the first Tuesday of the month to show their results from the theme of the month. So bring your results from the what-I-did-last-summer project to the meeting on December 1 at 1:00 PM in the Computer Lab. Put your photos on a CD or flash drive. This erstwhile photographer hopes to be there himself with a fortuitous example.

Recycle man

Before he was two, one of our grandsons knew he wanted to be a recycle man when he grew up. He’s since changed his mind. It’s always good to know where you can get rid of your old stuff though — expecially gadgets.

We also have a handy electronics recycle program right here at Happy Trails. The dropoff box has been moved up by the car wash with the other recycle bins. You can drop off computers, monitors, printers, cell phones, etc. No TVs though! There is also a battery bucket there, where you can recycle worn out or tired batteries and cells. I’m sure there is no room in the bucket for auto, golf cart or RV batteries.
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Green screen effects

Our AZacc presenter for the November 19 meeting will be Ken Colby, who will demonstrate the Green Screen Wizard.

This program that will let you take a photo of someone standing in front of a
green screen and replace the green in the photo with any background you like.
This has the effect of making it look like you’ve traveled anyplace you want in the


Evernote is a free document and Web content clipper along the lines of Microsoft OneNote. It’s good for many things, but it expecially handy when you’re researching a purchase, report or problem solution.

Jim Perry of AZacc has an Evernote notebook (collection) of Interesting Stuff, gleaned from the Web. I use Evernote for a wide variety of projects, and I have some public notebooks on Firefox, Photos, and Windows 7.


H1N1 Virus…

what you need to know.

Rapper’s Delight

50 startling wall murals…

from around the world.

That’s all, folks.

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